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Traditional Chinese Medicine

"Even the longerst March, starts with the first steps" - Laotse

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The basics on
Yin, Yang & Qi

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the 5 elements, 5 substances and 12 organs, each in the duality of yin and yang.

The 5 elements are: water, wood, fire, earth, metal.
The 5 substances are Yin, Yang, Ying, Jing, Qi and the
12 organs are Kidney / Bladder (Water), Liver / Gallbladder (Wood) Heart, Small Intestine (Fire), Spleen Pancreas / Stomach (Earth), Lung / Large Intestine (Metal).

Diagnosis is made on the basis of an in-depth interview, which refers to the second session of SelFormAtion© (medical history), tongues and pulse diagnosis and palpation. Below mentioned methods are some of the choices in Edna Schur's practice. It is important to mention that Edna always works intuitively and will choose on the day of the treatment, what suits best. 


In acupuncture, needles are placed at specific points in the body that are at a nerve crossing point. These promote the body's own healing process. The 630 points on the 12 meridians are located on the nerves, stimulating the organs and their function, nerves and hormonal system.

The Yin and Yang Organs Theory:
Yin organs are full organs (kidney, liver, heart, spleen pancreas, lung) which store blood or other substances, they belong to the parasympathetic, while Yang organs (bladder, gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine) are hollow and have either a peristalsis or another producing function, this belongs to the sympathetic nervous system. 
Genetics and Epiigenetics - Pre- & Post Heaven Qi
The kidney and the spleen pancreas are special organs, because the kidney belongs to the pre-heaven Qi. That means it belongs to genetics and mitochondrial functions - our inheritance. 

If there is an imbalance or a congenital disease, then you can strengthen the kidney / Pre-heaven-Qi by working on the Epigenetics => Post-Heaven Qi, spleen pancreas.
The spleen pancreas as a digestive organ symbolises our Microbiome and exposures to toxins and digestion. Through nutrition and our daily behaviour we can influence our health for better or for worse. 


Laser acupuncture has been used successfully in medicine for over two decades. The low-level laser therapy was originally developed as a pain-free acupuncture and used mainly in the field of pain of conventional medicine. In recent years, several studies on other diseases have been documented showing, that: 

  • it increases bone growth and healing after fractures

  • reducing inflammation

  • reducing masses of inflamed tissue (post operation, endometriosis, frozen shoulder etc.)

  • Decalcifies bones overgrowth (frozen shoulder, tennis ellbow, heel spore, arthrosis etc.)

The function of the therapy is to stimulate blood flow geographically, improve mitochondrial function and resistance of the cell walls, improving immunity and reducing pain. 

Ear Acupuncture & NADA Protocoll

In ear acupuncture, small needles or ear seeds are set to reflex points on the ear. There are several point choices, either for the Chinese points or e.g. after Dr. Nogier or dr. Bahr. This can be used for acute hay fever treatment, pain or chronic ailments, addiction and degenerative diseases

The NADA protocol is 5 needles placed on each ear to regenerate all 5 elements of TCM. This method is used in addictions, sleep disorders and much more. There are many studies reducing withdrawal symptoms of addiction. 

The difference between body to ear acupuncture is the distance in the nervous system. Treating the ears means to have a very short communication the the cranial nerves for responds, while treating points for certain organs on your legs or arms, would mean this is systemic and that the informations travels to the brain and back. 


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Electro Acupuncture

​Electro-acupuncture involves clamping the electrodes to the needles for more effective treatment. This method is most commonly used for muscle tension, acute herniated disc, ischialgia or to promote ovulation.

In fertility and birth preparation treatments Electro-Acupuncture is also used in order to bring an increased blood circulation to the ovaries or womb, or to induce birth. 

In comparison to Laser Acupuncture the stimulation is mechanical and will only indirectly improve mitochondria of the ovum in the ovaries, but by increasing blood flow and reducing menstrual pains, fertility will increase. 

The function is, that the low current of electricity is being transmitted from the needle into the tissue that needs the stimulation. Depending on the amount of electricity (there is no pain at all) and the location of the needle the functionality might vary. In general it increases nerval stimulation and therefore increases blood flow to the effected area. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine

In China more than 13'000 plant species of which about 5'000 are used in traditional Chinese medicine grow. In Switzerland, about 400 medicines of TCM are used, including vegetable, animal and mineral products.

The individual formulations can be prescribed as raw drug decoction, granules, tincture, capsules or tablets.


Edna Schur also works with western phytotherapy according to TCM. A book will be published soon.

Safety first

As herbal medicine is the original source for todays drugs, it is very important to know the interactions between herbal medicine and medications. 

Did you know that Pfizzer's Viagra is based on a chinese herb Yin Yang Huo? 

Herbs and Remedies

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