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Endometriosis is a chronic condition, that causes the endometrial mucosa to wander outside the uterus causing cysts. There are 4 stages of severity. Symptoms are pain and excessive bleeding. The pain can be constant, during intercourse, passing stool or only while having the period.

The causes are unknown (ideopathic). Chronic stress, insuline resistance, progesterone deficiency and certain genetic mutations can be the underlying cause. Those can be MTHFR, COMT, MAO-A/B and many more. 

Hormones play a huge role with endometriosis is named "Estrogen Domincance" as well. Estrogen is a growth hormone that regulates and grows the follicles and the endometrial lining, so the fertilized egg can nest.

Conventional treatments usually are the pill (Visane) to block estrogen in order to minimize the growth of the cysts, operation to extract the cyst or falling pregnant. Multiple operations cause scaring and blocking the estrogen with the pill can cause brings risk for infertility, menopause and osteoporosis, as well as mental symptoms in young age. 

Integrative treatments include looking at the big picture and treating the person holistically.

  • Oral herbal medicine and enemas help to reduce the size of the cysts and pain,

  • nutrition enhances the microbiome 

  • laser-acupuncture also reduces the cysts and chronic inflammation and

  • acupuncture helps to regulate hormonal and stress levels and

  • personal-coaching is necessary to guide and transform the process.

My patients gain improvement within a couple of months, they feel less stressed experience less pain, and in some cases the cysts disappear. 


Fertility of Male & Female

The desire for a child is very fundamental for us humans.

It not only gives us the knowledge of our continuity, but also fulfils the sense of a home.


There are many reasons for infertility of a couple, sometimes its also not known. I always proceed with understanding the story, testing the necessary parameters as hormonal status, sperm-tests and a microbiome analysis, which is possible close to my practice at Z-Point.


After a thorough anamnesis I create a tailored treatment plan, which might include

  • TCM acupuncture & herbal remedies,

  • meditation or visualisation.

  • Infusions / Supplements

  • Nutritional recommendations.

The treatment and options: Usually in conventional medicine treatment it starts with ovulation tracking, hormonal stimulation and continues with Insemination, IVF, ICSI, Sperm or Egg donation (not permitted in Switzerland, but in Spain, Prag, and other places)


Pregnancy support & Birth preparation

Healthy Pregnancy 

With blood tests, checking your thyroid and ferritin levels, taking care of your microbiome with pro- and prebiotics we ensure your and your baby's health. 

I treat and support pregnancy complaints such as: Carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, placenta previa, fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, anxiety and sleep disorders. 

With hypnosis, visualisations & breathing techniques, the entire pregnancy can become a wonderful experience in which the couple prepares together for the child's arrival. I recommend to start with the exercises as early as possible, so that the body and mind are already in tune with the birth. 


Post Pandemic,
Long-Covid & Vaccine Injury

Everyone seems to be affected in one or another way from the pandemic since 2020. Not only those who had the infection and are affected by Long Covid Syndrome, there is an increase of stress, fear, anxiety, suicide and exhaustion among adults and teenagers, and among kids a delay of speech development, insecurities and much more.

There is no doubt that the pandemic had a huge impact on families, the society and social interaction of everyone. 

It is exhausting to hear and talk about it, but there is still a big need to discuss the matter, share thoughts, be angry or desperate and trying to leave it behind. 

I have specialised in psychosomatics a few years ago (2013) and in the last 3 years studied many courses on the topics of Long & Post Covid Syndrome and Post-Vaccine Injuries that came along with the pandemics. 

I also treated countless clients with above syndromes successfully. 

By Juli 2023 I will offer IHHT treatments in my practice in combination with Acupuncture, nutrition and all personalised plan. 

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