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Endometriosis is a chronic condition, that causes the endometrial mucosa to wander outside the uterus causing cysts. There are 4 stages of severity. Symptoms are pain and excessive bleeding. The pain can be constant, during intercourse, passing stool or only while having the period.

The causes are unknown (ideopathic). Chronic stress, insuline resistance, progesterone deficiency and certain genetic mutations can be the underlying cause. Those can be MTHFR, COMT, MAO-A/B and many more. 

Hormones play a huge role with endometriosis is named "Estrogen Domincance" as well. Estrogen is a growth hormone that regulates and grows the follicles and the endometrial lining, so the fertilized egg can nest.

Conventional treatments usually are the pill (Visane) to block estrogen in order to minimize the growth of the cysts, operation to extract the cyst or falling pregnant. Multiple operations cause scaring and blocking the estrogen with the pill can cause brings risk for infertility, menopause and osteoporosis, as well as mental symptoms in young age. 

Integrative treatments include looking at the big picture and treating the person holistically.

  • Oral herbal medicine and enemas help to reduce the size of the cysts and pain,

  • nutrition enhances the microbiome 

  • laser-acupuncture also reduces the cysts and chronic inflammation and

  • acupuncture helps to regulate hormonal and stress levels and

  • personal-coaching is necessary to guide and transform the process.

My patients gain improvement within a couple of months, they feel less stressed experience less pain, and in some cases the cysts disappear. 

Fertility of Male & Female

The desire for a child is very fundamental for us humans.

It not only gives us the knowledge of our continuity, but also fulfils the sense of a home.


There are many reasons for infertility of a couple, sometimes its also not known. I always proceed with understanding the story, testing the necessary parameters as hormonal status, sperm-tests and a microbiome analysis, which is possible close to my practice at Z-Point.


After a thorough anamnesis I create a tailored treatment plan, which might include

  • TCM acupuncture & herbal remedies,

  • meditation or visualisation.

  • Infusions / Supplements

  • Nutritional recommendations.

The treatment and options: Usually in conventional medicine treatment it starts with ovulation tracking, hormonal stimulation and continues with Insemination, IVF, ICSI, Sperm or Egg donation (not permitted in Switzerland, but in Spain, Prag, and other places)


Pregnancy support & Birth preparation

Healthy Pregnancy 

With blood tests, checking your thyroid and ferritin levels, taking care of your microbiome with pro- and prebiotics we ensure your and your baby's health. 

I treat and support pregnancy complaints such as: Carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, placenta previa, fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, anxiety and sleep disorders. 

With hypnosis, visualisations & breathing techniques, the entire pregnancy can become a wonderful experience in which the couple prepares together for the child's arrival. I recommend to start with the exercises as early as possible, so that the body and mind are already in tune with the birth. 


Post Pandemic,
Long-Covid & Vaccine Injury

Everyone seems to be affected in one or another way from the pandemic since 2020. Not only those who had the infection and are affected by Long Covid Syndrome, there is an increase of stress, fear, anxiety, suicide and exhaustion among adults and teenagers, and among kids a delay of speech development, insecurities and much more.

There is no doubt that the pandemic had a huge impact on families, the society and social interaction of everyone. 

It is exhausting to hear and talk about it, but there is still a big need to discuss the matter, share thoughts, be angry or desperate and trying to leave it behind. 

I have specialised in psychosomatics a few years ago (2013) and in the last 3 years studied many courses on the topics of Long & Post Covid Syndrome and Post-Vaccine Injuries that came along with the pandemics. 

I also treated countless clients with above syndromes successfully. 

By Juli 2023 I will offer IHHT treatments in my practice in combination with Acupuncture, nutrition and all personalised plan. 

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Personal Growth

Throughout life we naturally have our ups and downs. Some people experience more in their lives than others, and therefore some events can have a bigger impact when having a up- or down time in life. 

What the soul goes through is a wake up call for development. In this line I have developed my coaching program SelFormAtion-BYou©. The program includes the following 5 steps:

  1. ReConnect: Understanding where you come from and the importance of self. 

  2. Know the Unknown: Learn about your epigenetic bagage and connect with it as a part of you.

  3. Overcome: Start the healing process by communicating to yourself and your surrounding. Change your internal narrative. 

  4. Letting go: Be in anticipating state, see the core and let go of the past

  5. Reach your potential: Integrate your inner and outer learnings into your daily life and reconnect again. 

Since running this program, I had a vast range of experience with clients doing amazing transformation in their lives. 
Book your discovery call today, to start your journey. 


Couples Coaching

Improve your relation and communication and embark the ship together for your dedicated journey. 


Do you feel that... 

Your relationship is shaky?

Constant tension is upsetting you?

Lack of communication drains you?

You are helpless and frustrated?


Are you and your partner willing to work together in order to develop a healthy and happy outcome?


I support you on your path

  • to clear misunderstandings & acquired patterns

  • to build bridges & to reach a relaxed situation

  • improve intimacy & sexuality


  • In depth assessment of your situation 

  • Approach: holistic and systemic

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Chronic & Autoimmune Disorder


Chronic means: when a condition persists longer than 3 weeks. 

Autoimmune Disorder: the body attacking itself and it can be measured with antibodies like Histamine, ANA factors etc.

Rare diseases are usually caused by genetic mutations and epigenetic mal respons, or a combination of multiple disorders where in normal blood work the doctor can not determine what it is, and or there are only 5-10'000 cases on the planet and therefore no generic treatment strategy yet developed. 

I work with all the above but mainly I work with the person in front of me, hear the story understand the big picture, blood work and connect the dots. The more complex the more interesting my detective work with you. 

Potential causes and links to dis-eases are to find on an epigenetic level, meaning your environmental players like toxins and lifestyle and subconscious patterns that are formed by your ancestral story. 

Some of the Dis-Eases I specialise in are...

  • Endometriosis, Hashimoto Thyroiditis

  • Leaky Gut & Microbiome

  • Autism & Aspergers

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis & Ankelosing Spondilytis

  • Anxiety Disorder & Panik Attacks, Mental disorders

  • Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Colitis, Crohn's)

  • Long Covid Syndrome

  • Post Cancer Treatments

Probably you have heard the sentence: Pain is the language of your Soul. Lets find out what your soul tries to tell you. 

Claim responsibility today for your health and path and lets start working together. We will do all it takes to get you out of your comfort zone to thrive. Start the journey today. 


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Leaky Gut & related Symptoms

There are many symptoms and chronic diseases like:

  • Joint pain

  • Hairloss & Alopecia 

  • Multiple Allergies and Intollerances

  • Hashimoto Thyroiditis

  • Difficulty to concentrate

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Infertility in female and male

  • IBS and many more


When testing the gut on its inflammation for Histamin and Zonulin, plus the diversity and dysbiosis of the gut microbiom,  usually there is a big discrepancy and the gut shows a chronic inflammation. The inflammation causes the destruction of the membranes and cells which create the healthy boundary between the inner and outer surface. When Zonulin and / or Histamin are increased we speak about a Leaky Gut Syndrome. 

The inner surface is covered with microvilli (hair) and mucous. This layers are the habitat of the bacteria that helps us be and stay healthy. And it is the assimilation point for the foods we eat to enter our blood stream. 

Learn more to heal yourself by booking your call now. 

Leaky Gut

Allergies, Sensitivities & Intolerances

Foods, substances, materials and environmental factors can cause to reactions in humans, depending on their internal and external resilience of the body. A lot of health issues are coming from an underlining allergy or intolerance to a food or other substance. 

Allergies are a immediate reaction after exposure or intake of the food or substance.

We talk about Sensitivity if the reaction is delayed by hours or even days. And Intolerances can be a reaction to a certain component or substance within a food or substance. As an example "MSG" within soup, Titanium Dioxid within a medication etc. 

Those reaction occur when substances or foods are consumed daily, so they trigger and reduce the bodies immunity overall. It is like having a scar on the arm and rubbing it. 

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Image by Sangharsh Lohakare
Image by Sangharsh Lohakare

Genetic Mutations and their  Symptoms

Since a few years it is a hype to test the genes for mutations in order to understand and get proof to unexplained symptoms the GP didn't figure out yet.

I also studied intensively genetic mutations, epigenetics and especially MTHFR, COMT and the rest of the methylation cycle. But I understood 10 years ago, that by testing and explaining the clients the genes the problem of the symptoms is not solved at all. 

It is important and inevitable to understand the story of the person, connect the dots and then to look at blood and genetic screening.


Genes are not our boss, they act upon the enzymes that are controlled by our environment, lifestyle and emotions. This is not only fact but proven by science. 

Matching a genetic mutation to a supplement, is the same like a pill for an ill. If you want to understand your body and how to take charge of your life, embark the boat and contact me for a discovery call now.

Otherwise buy my book MTHFR & Friends here:

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Geriatric Disorders & Longevity

As we age more and more in the last 50 years with better foods and medicine, the other side of it is that there are more geriatric conditions that we need to deal with. 

Our body and brain has an aging process and deteriorates on his way, whether we want it or not. We can fight it with botox and other superficial means like plastic surgery and more, but we can also prevent or aim for a better and healthier aging process. We can do so by becoming aware of our life habits, social life, foods we eat, and all other lifestyle patterns. I can support you by aging and thriving. Contact me today. 

But when the mind is not remembering, beginning dementia or Alzheimers, Arthritis, High blood pressure, low Lung capacity, Lung Fibrosis, Pain and other symptoms control your daily life. Then I recommend to start on your functional medicine support journey. 

There have been many studies about IHHT helping and improving geriatric disorders, as it gets to the powerplant of your cell - the mitochondria - and rejuvinates it. 

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