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Real-Life Testimonials

Real results, real people: Hear from our satisfied clients.

Discover the positive impact of our services. Learn more about our patients' success stories and how Edna Schur's Individualized and Holistic Approach has improved their lives.

I came to Edna after unsuccessful attempts to treat PCOS with drugs by traditional doctors. Edna took care of me comprehensively (supplementing the deficiencies of the body, rebuilding the intestinal flora) and shared with me her knowledge about natural medicine and epigenetics, allowing me to understand better my health problems. She took care not only of the physical but also the spiritual sphere, giving me good energy and faith in improving my health. I recommend working with Edna!

I have benefitted immensely from my sessions with Edna!
Indeed I was about to have an endometriosis intervention, Edna helped me with her energetic healing knowledge and her vaste holistic expertise…
I love her profound commitment to investigate your total persona (soul, body and mind!) on every level and I would recommend Edna wholeheartedly.

Magdalena 26

After long suffering, intolerances, lack of energy and depression, I feel taken seriously for the first time.  The genDetox package from Edna has worked well, making me feel better both physically and mentally. 
Thank you!

P.W. 35

Caroline G.

When I came to Edna, I had had a cold for almost half a year. In addition there was a whole bouquet of symptoms from head to toe. All in all, I felt rather broken and exhausted. Edna took a lot of time for her anamnesis. Already the first time she made connections between symptoms. After a few treatments most of the symptoms were blown away and I feel better than I have in years.

Elisabeth 56

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