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Prioritizing Your Health in 2024
It is Your Most Valuable Asset

Your Health & Well-being is My Top Priority

Are Long Covid, ME/CFS, Endometriosis, chronic and autoimmune disorders, Infertility, pain, depression, or anxiety present in your daily life? Are you searching for a comprehensive diagnosis and therapy that will lead you to become healthy and happy on all levels? Do you want to be treated with compassion and respect for your condition, to be heard by the people around you, and to be taken seriously by your doctors?


The Solution Lies in Your Story!

Functional Medicine takes a holistic approach by looking at the person entirely. Connecting the dots between your personal story – including your ancestry, biochemistry, environment, toxins, genetic expression, emotions, and much more. We can identify the causes and develop an effective treatment plan for you.

There is always a “why”, it just needs to be found, understood, and reverted.

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Edna's Story 

Supporting the Individual Journey to Health and Wellbeing

Edna Schur is a leading expert in holistic health with extensive experience in Europe, Israel, and Australia. She also shares her passion and knowledge as a podcaster and influencer. With almost 20 years of experience in Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Genetics, Epigenetics and Psychosomatic Work, she strives to improve overall well-being and health for individuals and within organizations at her Start-Up Esh-Consulting.

When she suffered in 2004 a car accident her journey started to find the right practitioner that would understand her pains and connect the dots. In 2006, she started her journey to become a practitioner and opened her practice first in Jerusalem, before moving to Australia. After returning in 2011 to Switzerland. 

From 2015-2021 she had a interdisciplinary health center in Zurich Oerlikon "GesundWohl-RundUm" / "Re-Source Institute" with 14 practitioners dedicating themselves to health and empowerment of their clients. By bringing awareness and braking taboos to sensitive health issues and providing complementary and individualised solutions to everyone with a comprehensive health management program.


Start YOUR Journey to Achieving Optimal Health and Well-being!

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"Edna spent half a day providing our employees with comprehensive information on the subject of nutrition and the immune system and answered all their questions. She has a very wide-ranging, interdisciplinary knowledge and made us aware of toxins in food or the importance of eating habits and how you can easily prepare good food yourself. Genetics as well as the importance of gut health were also enriching topics. Thank you very much!"

GFZ Foundation

"Edna has clearly taken time to research and understand the complex interplay between genes, lifestyle, nutrition, and health. She helped me to identify a food intolerance that I never would have been aware of on my own, which was a game changer. Now I know how to eat in ways that keep me feeling healthy and strong, and my quality of life is improved."

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Practice Edna Schur

Oerlikonerstrasse 47

8057 Zürich


+41 76 349 87 87

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