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Meet Edna Schur, a highly experienced and passionate influencer in the fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine, mentoring, nutrition, and Functional Medicine. With nearly 20 years of diverse experience, including clinical practice, writing, podcasting, and teaching, Edna's main goal is to promote health and reduce diseases at all levels - both private and corporate. She offers Mastermind-Classes 1-2-1 for practitioners and teaches her self-developed method, SelFormAtion-BYou. As an author, Edna has written the book "MTHFR & Friends" about genetic mutations, their symptoms and how to reach their potential. A book about elimination diet recipes is on its way and "SelFormAtion-BYou" the root finding self-development working book is also on its way. You can also find regular articles and blogs on her website. As an expert in her field, Edna has been invited to speak on multiple podcasts worldwide and has presented seminars in online webinars.

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Who is Edna B. Schur

Born in 1977 in Zurich, Switzerland, Edna Schur is the daughter of Dan Rubinstein, a famous artist, and Marta Rubinstein, an author and music teacher. She has a younger brother. After the divorce from her former husband in 2004 and a car accident, Edna began researching alternative methods for healing internal and external wounds. In 2006, she moved to Israel to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Functional Medicine.

Edna is today an expert Functional Medicine practitioner with TCM background for nearly 20 years. Her passion is to see the big picture, connect the dots between her clients story, biochemistry, epigenetics and genetics and guide them on their journey to their authentic and healthy self.

She is outspoken and direct about her beliefs and never gives up on her clients source of pain.

Edna's expertise is in Endometriosis, Epigenetics and Trauma, Infertility and other chronic disorders, as well as mental health and motivation.

She is an awareness-influencer for sensitive health issues and how to deal with those in the corporate world. Shifting the mindset from problem to potential and growth is her expertise.

Since 2015 she acts as a consultant to doctors and give workshops for teams in businesses to improve health & wellbeing in the working place - as health is the boss' concern and highest capital.

Edna Schur has developed the diet “genDetox” which addresses severe health issues and her own method of anamnesis “SelFormAtion-BYou”. By the client telling his story chronologically, understanding where he comes from, connecting to themselves, and letting go of old subconscious mindsets, they will get to the bottom of their dis-ease and Edna can guide and support them to reach their goals.

What drives Edna to continue her works is to bridge between conventional and holistic functional medicine. There are many approaches, as every human being is unique.

Besides of having a well established practice in Zurich, she has written the book “MTHFR & Friends” about genetics, environmental toxins and emotional epigenetics and how to resolve the health issues. A book on "the gluten & dairy free challenge" is on its way and will be published in 2023.

She has partnered with the and other recognised organisations.

She has a cooperation with my.Ally education of B2B

And she is a BNI Member in Zurich.


On the personal note, Edna is married since 2011 to Joel Schur and they have 2 wonderful kids of a daughter (2016 and a son 2021). Together with her husband she gives corporate and couples workshops.

More information about Edna Schur and her work can be heard on her Podcast 

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