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1 Chance 2 Change

Embrace the power of choice and rewrite your story

"1 Chance 2 Change" (1C2C) is a charity that embodies the "paying forward principle". It operates on the belief that true transformation and empowerment comes from providing individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge to effect change in their own lives. Rather than simply giving money to those in need, the charity provides free support and resources for a set period of time, with regular check-ins to ensure progress is being made. At the end of the term, recipients are tasked with sharing their learnings and transformation with four others, passing on the tools and knowledge they received to continue the cycle of positive change. Through this process, 1C2C empowers individuals to take control of their own lives and create a better future for themselves and those around them.


Our Story starts in February 2023

The founder of 1 Chance 2 Change is Edna Schur, a visionary philanthropist with a passion for empowering individuals to create positive change in their lives and communities. Edna's personal journey and experiences have inspired her to establish the charity, and her unwavering commitment to the paying forward principle is at the heart of the organization's philosophy.

The support provided by 1C2C is not in the form of cash donations, but in the provision of knowledge, skills, and resources that empower individuals to take control of their own lives. For example, some of the tools provided include training in financial management, business planning, and health and wellness. By providing these resources, 1C2C equips individuals with the necessary skills to manage their finances, start their own businesses, and make better choices that can transform their lives.

Throughout the support period, the charity maintains regular contact with the recipients to track their progress and offer additional support where necessary. This contact usually comes in the form of monthly 15-minute calls, where recipients can share their experiences and receive guidance and motivation to stay on track.

At the end of the support period of 6-12 months, recipients of 1C2C are required to give back to the community by sharing their learnings and transformation with four other people. They will be promoted on Edna Schur's Website as Partners and are encouraged to pass on the tools and knowledge they received to others who are struggling, continuing the cycle of positive change and empowering more people to take control of their own lives.


In addition to addressing issues related to financial stability and personal success, 1C2C also recognizes the importance of health and wellbeing in achieving a better quality of life. The charity acknowledges that chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, autism, ADHD and autoimmune disorder can have a significant impact on individuals' lives, and therefore places a strong emphasis on promoting healthy living and reducing the prevalence of these conditions.

Through its support programs, 1C2C provides individuals with resources and knowledge to make healthier choices and adopt healthy lifestyles, such as improving their diet, increasing physical activity, and managing stress. The charity also recognizes the importance of mental health in overall wellbeing and provides support and resources to help individuals improve their mental health and manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

By addressing both financial stability and health, 1C2C offers a comprehensive approach to supporting individuals in achieving a better quality of life. The charity's emphasis on education and empowerment ensures that recipients of its support are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make positive changes that can improve their lives in the long term.

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