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B3 Re-Telling the story & Treatment Plan

Re-Telling your story and commence your journey

  • 2 Stunden
  • 440 Swiss francs
  • Praxis Edna Schur


Re-Telling the story with individual treatment plan The third session takes approximately 2 hours, it can be also done online or in person. Edna will retell you your story both from ancestry - timeline - physical and her interpretation of why you feel what you feel. The most important part here is that you as the client can and should interrupt and correct or add information. Re-Telling the story brings for the client a whole new perspective to his story and can therefore release already some symptoms. An other important part is the transition to actually do something about it. Where to start with what method and how and when to reach a possible realistic goal will be set in that session. All aspects of the human being are looked at: muscular, nerval, organic, hormonal, psychological, sleep, relaxation and lifestyle, nutrition, environmental factors and more. Depending on the problem either first things will be changed or physical treatment with either acupuncture or massage will be conducted. Then nutrition and other aspects will be looked at. You are what you eat and how you conduct your life after all...

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