B1 Consultation - Telling your Story

The root cause is found in your history. Let's dive in...

  • 2 Stunden 30 Minuten
  • CHF 280-/ Std
  • Online or in the practice


The first session takes place online or in person and lasts about 2.5 hours. This may seem long, but is necessary to learn the client's family history both medically and historically-emotionally. Understanding the circumstances of previous generations can reveal emotional patterns that the person still carries today. Any issues, illnesses, behavior patterns, hunger, rich and poor, wars and relocations. After which parent or grandparent do we try to live our lives?Then follows a chronological timeline of the client's life: 2 years before conception, where was the mother, did she use contraception, was there an accident or drugs? What about pregnancy and birth, were there childhood infections or surgeries that may have altered or damaged the microbiome?What environmental factors trigger and contribute to the disease? What are his or her emotional triggers and when was the point in life when everything changed?