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30 Minutes Discovery Call

How can I empower you on your health journey?

  • 30 Minuten
  • 77 Swiss francs
  • Klebestrasse 17, 8041 Zürich


Within the first discovery call, you will share with me your health challenges. Whereas I will see in what way I can support you on your health journey. I do have some criteria of who I support, as I want to give my best to get you to your next level. Therefore I look for those points: 1. Do we have a connection? 2. Do I have the expertise to help your health ailment? 3. Are you listening to what I say? 4. Do you have the courage to change and transform. I am strikt on those points as the best results appear only by taking charge of your own health. Functional Medicine is a root cause search and repair to heal. It takes YOU to do the changes and me to guide and support you. Start your health journey today - have the courage to be you!

Umbuchung & Kündigung

I kindly ask you, to cancel your appointments 24 hours before. Only exeptions are giving birth. If you don't show or cancel short notice, the full time booked will be charged. Thank you.


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